As clothing store owner Taylor Jay saw the protests over the death of George Floyd erupting across the country during the weekend of May 30, a customer called her to say she'd better board up her windows. 

“I felt like boarding up my windows was like silencing my voice,” she said. “I love our windows so even trying to cover them is an emotional thing.”

She eventually decided to board up the windows at the urging of her daughter, the co-owner of her business, but she agreed under one condition. She would hire a black artist to make the boards beautiful and commemorate the black lives lost to police brutality.

The mural by artist Elijah Pfotenhauer spans multiple windows and lists the names of black lives lost, including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

Photographed in Oakland, Calif. for SFGATE.

Text by Tessa McLean.

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